Thursday, April 17, 2008

…………….BLAME Mc (Me?) …………….

I could do what that guy (Morgan Spurlock) did in the film / documentary ‘Super size me’.
Go on a ‘Mac Attack’ for a month? ….Sure…!
But at what cost? No, here we aren’t talking money; we are talking health, Honey.

McDonald’s has set my taste buds asking for more. Ever since the first Mac opened in ‘our’ Forum, I have been a regular there. Now imagine a fanatic like me ending up in a Mac forest like Manhattan for 2 months!!

Manhattan, is supposed to have 4 McDonald’s per sq. mile…more than 83 outlets in 22.4 sq. miles!! I could hardly resist plunging into a Mc. Chicken each time I walked past an outlet. But when you see them in every other block and in every other street, that calls for some extreme self control really. I now wonder why they dint rename it Machattan?

This guy (Spurlock) in the film goes on a McDonald’s diet, 3 times a day for 30 days. And guess what…it’s not just those extra pounds he gained (24.5 lbs = 11 kgs in a month!!…That’s what a woman gains through her 9-month pregnancy!); his body cholesterol levels soared sky-high. So did his liver enzymes, which surprised even his doctors (he had 3 of them monitoring him while on this bizarre diet). This usually happens only in heavy alcoholics when the liver can’t handle the excess ‘toxins’ you are throwing into your body.

He dint die (Of course! Or they would have had all the Mac’s shut!), but he got quite close to damaging his heart and liver with that sort of food.

I personally don’t diet, nor have been a very healthy eater. But this film has been an eye-opener of sorts. It’s not just about the Mac, it’s about all sorts of food we ‘eat-out’. US Congress passed a new law (Cheeseburgers Bill) in ’94 that said consumers couldn’t sue food companies for ‘making them obese’.

That’s logical…look what you eat!

It just takes a month of reckless eating to add those extra pounds, but many months of physical exercise and dieting to get rid of those love handles.

Now each time I pass the fast food outlets, I tell myself,….
Time to watch your diet and get in shape”.

[Yeah I know, ‘Round’ is also a shape…but still!!]